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This project is to visualise 15 years of cinema screenings at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image), Australian's native museum of film, video games, TV, digital culture and art. 

        ‘Seeing through Reading’ is the voice that I propose for this ACMI screening history data visualisation project. A series of 'film poetry' posters are comprised of film titles. As poetry is viewed as an independent art as movies, ‘ACMI POETRY — A beautiful collection’ is chosen to be the theme of the series data visualization design and social media campaign as the considered outputs and strategies.

        The concept of A beautiful collection embraces that current ACMI is seen as a collection of bits rather than an amalgamated whole. Besides, as ACMI positions itself as both a context-rich ‘museum’ and a ‘state-of-art cinema’, it is believed that a systematic & content-driven direction will be more close to the core values of ACMI and could walk both returning and new audience into the very essence of ACMI screening history. 

        Please visit ACMI LABS for more details about the campaigns . 

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