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Get started and output it

Hello the cutest one,

Greetings from Sydney, Australia. It is late afternoon when a storm just passed through, and I have to tell everyone, officially, it is turning to autumn right now! How fast, isn't it! Summer, beach, ice lemon tea.. it's just like yesterday things. Though I still can't take the extreme hot weather last year anyway! Burning me up!

Anyway, a BIG HUG for you darling, sitting right there and reading my very first blog! Lovely you! Actually I've been waiting for this moment for such a long long time. Starting this "Blog Project" is my big plan which actually has never been seriously realized since I just couldn't concentrate on the summary things into such a short article. Well you know it's very hard to start writing either way. Well I have to say, thank to a talk given by Gabby Lord two weeks ago, who inspired me either visually and verbally on my Live Design Studio class at Billy Blue. Her amazing experience after graduation impressed me strongly, especially for the blog and newsletter thing which just let me admire badly. How come she could know so much latest design resouces and keep doing it like a habit? Obviously the passion on design industry is like shining over her face in the two-hour talk thoroughly. Finish reading through all her newsletters in one week, I am amazed by the super fresh and interesting resources she collected in the past two years. Well honestly it is a huge bunch of work and, she made it! Beautifully!

Why I can't do it too! Not that hard definitely! How childish I am, but I am seriously decide to do it straight away in this moment. Feels super! Yes that exactly shows how important you START your plan rather that keep it in mind.

I have to say it again as my own experience, yes it is hard get started if you only put it in mind, well but it is not that difficult as only as you do it right now.

Have an awesome day!


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