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Fresh tips from creatives at Shot Down

Photo from Shot Down, at Play Bar

Yes! I do have a lot to share tonight, can't wait cause I just off my very first "networking" night with the creatives in Sydney. Struggling for long time before I pressed the submit button for the Shot Down Event organized by AGDA. For those who are new to AGDA - AGDA is Australian Graphic Design Association Limited which is the peak national organization representing the Australian graphic design industry. For such a fresh event, I feel bit shocked cause no buddies would love to be there with me after I asked around at school. Well I know myself better than anyone else that I am not a social person at all, but just for challenging myself and meeting new mates, I showed up there just for my own sake. Gladly that I didn't miss it out since it was actually a very unusual event in my experience. A cool bar vibe with beer, laughing, yelling, chatting, talking.. Yeah pretty much everything for tonight.

The talks were amazing and funny overall. But what I can share here are the answers and some fresh tips from several of the leading creative in the industry who I talked with tonight. They are just so nice and generous.

Ok, so let's start with the headline:

1. "Networking without Networking"

You know sometimes it's just not that comfortable to build network in a formal and serious way - which is exactly why we are all here - in Play Bar, sharing thoughts and keeping in touch with other creatives.

2. Keep sending emails to creative directors - a person

"How to find a job" is the question for the host I raised tonight. After my long long description and ended up with "What do you want to say" by him - yea I am super nervous at that moment.. anyway I got the answer in the end, straight forward - which is "keep annoying a real person in the ideal studio if you do want to work there". That's my summary. Basically, keep sending emails to someone in the office, until he/she gets back to you.

3. Research all the studios you wanna work at

Here, I am really appreciate the time and contribution from Gabby Lord, she is such a detailed and passionate creative who shares two lists of over 50 agencies and studios located in Sydney and Melbourne. While especially for design students, these are what you should really make the best use of. Review it right now!

4.It's your work and the person get you the job

Following up the question above, the second tip is, "work + person" get your job in. In my understanding, "works" tells what skills you have and what's the potential you could be. That's actually what the studio looking for when they want to recruit someone join in their team. "Person" means a connection between persons, it's the personality thing. After all, you get to face those "persons" behind the name of the studios, right?

5. Shy is not a problem, 100% confidence on your works and what you believe is most important

Second question I asked was - "what if I am a shy person, is it alright to work in a design agency?" - the question is definitely prepared for myself. As I said I am not a social person at all, obviously I couldn't pretend to be high in the office all day. That's not me. So when I notice that the majority of people at college are extravert, I start questioning if it is the right personality to be working in creative industry. While the answer made me feel pleased cause it is not a big deal at all as long as you are calm and confident to your work and what believe. You could be awesome too.

6. You should stand out and speak to clients, and persuade them

Yes definitely, if you work in a design studio, for sure you need to persuade your clients with your own works and confidence. It's the time to show your professionals and mature. So, stop sitting behind the corner, stand out and present your works confidently. Practice now and more.

7. Tough skin is 100% necessary if you are working as a professional

During the Q&A panel, someone asked "how you judge repeating failure in your design experience?" Well the same answers are that if there's rejection happened over and over again, it's time to show your tough skin cause it's a game which you have to finish it by the last minute.

8. You do have to get it fixed

Following the question above, David Foster said if you want that job, you do have to get it fixed. Agree with it strongly cause it's a business game honestly, it is under contract you know?


Alright, if you do read through them all I hope it is useful to you guys!

Have an awesome day!


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