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<3 + $ should be your whole thing

Finally, I got this shot on Business by Design class at Billy Blue, how cute!

Well, normally when it comes to a finance topic, most of the creatives naturally beg the question and feel not comfortable with. However, though I do feel price could never ever value a design idea or artwork, but actually it's the money that support your life quality and your dream, isn't it?

Well since I kinda of realize the importance of that business part in a design career, especially when you are going to manage your own finance as a freelancer or a owner of a studio, it's necessary to face this topic and deal with it with good reasons. Love + Money Agency is absolutely a good sample here which I want to introduce to you. Well it just randomly turned up to me when we were asked to do some research about Sydney based design studios by our lecturer on portfolio class. My classmate presented this company to us who ia a promising and ambitious young businessman. I was attracted by the name in the first place, it is just how short and sweet! Most importantly, the concept behind the name is just so smart and simple. "<3" for CHARITY and "$" for COMMERCIAL. We shall definitely do the job like this way, are we? Cause it's just fits to all the industries and also well summarized as a mature being in their well planed career life.

Under the college education in the past four years honestly, I was infected deeply with the word 'professional' because it forms the thing you are doing with pure passion into more business thinking. It protects you for sure. And you should also remember, a well written contract will lead your project to a happy ending rather than a disaster. Don't skip that part though you may take the risk of losing the job.. Well it's usually will make you hesitate and say yes.. But remember you should actually walk away to someone who don't even want to spend time on signing the contract with you. Keep it in mind kindly. You will lose more and struggle forever in that project.

As a common sense, design as a business can never be free because it creates values for the companies who make money. It's just nothing shame to get what you deserved. OR, if you naturally love that job, just do it and don't even consider about the income which will make you feel better and happier. Balance these two sides cause otherwise you can't kick off anything. Anyway, you should know that all your incomes support how you actually begin your dream and your own journey everything. So that's why I think it's the thing you shouldn't skip to think about.

Yes we are all new creatives with less experience and pure heart on design, which is great! However, it doesn't mean you should treat yourself like.. ok, we are student or a beginner so we know nothing about money. It's not fair actually. Don't feel shame to talk about it with your peers or someone who you trust with, who has enough experience in the industry. Be true to each other, because we are all on board in this business game anyway.

At last, what we all need to think about and learn in the future I guess is, how you spend money smartly and effectively. Think about, what if I could collaborate or sponsor with other artists, galleries, charity events in a long-term perspective? What if I should invest ourselves to take one or two more courses? What if I should travel to as many countries as possible to widen my eyes and absorb multiple cultures and inspiration? - That's about using money and self-development.. But all in all, that's all based on you exactly know where is your income from.

Let's take time to learn all the process then, the more we experience the more we gain, right?



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