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You could be an awesome in-house designer too!

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Q: "Interested in being an in-house graphic designer?"

A: "hmm yea....what is it?"

In most of the cases, the conversation will end up like that. I am pretty sure that most of design students are ready to work in creative industry or set up their own design studio in the future and also, it is well accepted by most of designers to be called as "Creative" rather than " In-house designer". Why? Cause "In-house designer" is "Non-Creative". Fair enough?

Well, what exactly is "in-house" designer's job in the structure or does it really that suck? I don't know. That's why, ME, as a fresh design nut used to jump on board as an in-house design intern for a product company in Sydney for 6 months to figure out my big question mark in my head.

So.. is it cool?

Oh yes:)

To make it simple, an in-house graphic designer basically has to work closely with the marketing team, or in some companies, it belongs to digital marketing team. The routine job here is to do some social media promotion, campaign and branding update. As for design projects, we'll in charge of new products launch or event support such as brochure, fly, poster, photo-shooting, lookbooks, etc. Besides, you have to get to be more social in some way cause you will get heaps of chance to attend launch parties, events as showing you are an active member involving in company culture.

Hmm, still feel bit pale?

Ok let's say, what you can expect from it is actually to experience meeting with people in multi-academic background and listen to different critical thoughts from the fellows you worked with in the office. Maybe they are not as crazy as your peer, but it's fairly fine cause once you step out the university the people you will work with mostly are those "normal" people. They probably are your clients, suppliers, colleagues, etc. Yes, we are super abnormal compared to the majority, yes? In addition, it gets you the chance to know how's business going and what is the structure like. So pretend you are on the client's side, it just makes everything easy and clear for you. Sometimes you'll see your director or manager shouting over the phone to a design agency about the creepy works they did. Plus, they usually complain how come there's such an over charge on that creepy work.. something like that.. So, hey creatives, are you now still 100% confident of your work when you present to your clients? Whatever, maybe you don't care at all. Well anyway In this in-house working experience, it just makes everything clear when you sit behind the scene in the company side. It actually gets you as a designer to consider more thoroughly on what the clients really need. Get it?

Anyway it's always good to see both sides rather than stick to one. Otherwise, you'll miss the chance to be more critical and professional to some degree. Especially for the beginners as yo and me maybe, don't miss any potential chance to be an awesome in-house graphic designer! Get yourself an opportunity to bring your own personality and taste to a promising brand or a company. You could get the brand better and grow further! Well, it is just so cool, isn't it?

Have a wonderful day!

Cherry Q.

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