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Q and i

"If the creativity is a habit, then the best creativity is the result of good work habits.

They are the nuts and bolts of dreaming."

-- Twyla Tharp, the creative habit

Almost missed it out!

It's already Day Two for The 100 Day Project which starts from April 19 until July 27 this year. But seems it's not too late to kick it off from now on! Yes, I definitely excited about this since I am seriously hungry for consistent challenge every day to absorb inspiration out of my comfort zone - yea pretty much obvious that instagram for me is such a sexy babe but also an annoying time killer who took heaps of time from my life by browsing the posts and hitting "like" button daily out of control. I do feel it's the right time to generate my creativity stock and output something for my own sake.

So gladly, thanks to Elle Luna for her awesome idea on #the100dayproject, here I am going to announce that I am going to get on board and post my letter design for Q and a simply story behind per day on Instagram over the next 100 days. You can easily follow my project with the hashtags #100dayprojectoftypefaceQ and #Qandiproject. The project named as "Q and i" since "Qi" is my surname in Chinese, so it makes sense anyway to push Q as the big hero here in my very first self-project. Let's see what I can come up with in the next 100 days! - I don't know at all, whatever hah!

Can't wait to see my big Q turning to the thumbnails and covering the whole wall in my new room in Melbourne in July! - Wow sounds exciting!

SO, this time let's just keep playing around with the letter Q only with passion and for fun, would be a nice one?


1/100 - Very first Q done with clips

Have a 100/100 creative day!

Cherry Qi

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