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Finally, it comes to the end – the very last weekend in this trimester.. Oops wait, I should say the very last trimester as a college student at Billy Blue this trimester. And then, Hurray! Happy Graduation!

Well have to say, I've been undertaking the busiest and tiredest week since this Monday, you know production week is always full of shitty mood, drama and crazy hardworking days and nights.. AND, thanks to my lovely side work – #100dayprojectoftypefaceQ, technically I've been involved in FOUR projects at once. It pushed me to the boundary but lucky me, it's all good so far! Now it turns into the 18th day in that 100 DAY PROJECT - 18% DONE!

Proudly, yes pretty proud of myself, I am here to show you the latest nine typeface Q design. Basically most of the Q are created with different tangible materials to show look and feel. So far I would say, I am pretty happy with the cute thumbnails and the daily creative journey in my life. You may ask what is the challenge in this project or why it's unique? Actually can I say it's just for fun? There's nothing that serious to talk about but the project itself could be regarded as a series live project. I think I will definitely include it into my portfolio! As I said before, I will never ever prepare or stock old design for future posts in that project, it all records the moment and shows my fresh inspiration and thinking at the moment. The purpose of the side work itself questions me – if I could make it happened and how my daily inspiration effects my design and thinking. Fairly clear and pretty much. Well so far, what makes my day is.. BIG SMILE FACE! Recently I get to know that more and more friends around me either in reality or on social media world, that agree I am doing something fairly cool! They follow my posts and leave comments to me. That's actually the only little thing I do expect to get from my buddies if you ask me about the reason why I kicked it off:)

As a happy and creative being in the last minute as a student, I do have many things or hassle to undertake everyday – good or bad or whatever.. But I don't really feel dry about myself cause every single day I clearly know I could make the day different and cool.. So my lovely buddies, if you don't want to be dry out either, why not try to do something as cool as this?

Have a awesome weekend!


Cherry Q.

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