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The analysis stage guys! Don't walk away! hah lol

There are some subtle changes happened on me and my design posts as you may see from the post above! More colorful and artistic right? But there's also something hidden you may not see in psychological side. That's a cool discovery actually! Well yea, now the project itself turns to a case study kind of thing rather than a pure design one.

Haha nothing serious here cause I am just curious about myself and I want to figure AM I a kind of person able to work on a project independently and with perseverance. The thing is, you should assume that it must have some changes happened in your mind during the 3 months period. It's totally same as what you are dealing with in your life issue, right?

The interesting finding here is, when you get more appreciation from people who love your idea and posts around you, you seem tend to have more hassle than before. And naturally you start to worry about the quality of the posts.. Which I think it's a good thing actually cause you grow as well as your taste, so it's good anyway. Also, I discovered that the time I upload a post is gradually turning to 1 to 2 hours before the deadline which is the midnights. In terms of the art direction, I tend to use more artistic visuals and materials to create Q rather than randomly pick something at hand without any reason. So the contents are usually about what you are interested in doing at the moment, like right now I am more into watercolor and lettering:)

Well, see.. that's the slight change from my very beginning idea why I kick off the project. I am expecting to get more and more psychological changes during my #100dayprojectoftypefaceQ journey. Well let me conduct it into a cause study in the end then, would be a cool one?

Have a good weekend!

Cherry Q.

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