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Good book with Q-uiet temperaments

The books reflect my life recently..

(From left to right)

- The temperament I own naturally but sometimes troubles me in a way that let me down, which i think that's the thing I need to figure it out cause the fact is it's a superpower if you make the good use of it..

- The life lessons will never ever get me enough anyway especially when I am now in somewhere between the umbrella of uni and complex society..

- The next city I am gonna move to very soon and pretty confident that the experience gonna fill in some great content in this new upcoming chapter..

- The biography by Andy Worhol, the very rare penguin book version with heaps of fun illustrations inside and supports my reading, love it!

Kick off the first book Quiet Power today, again I should thank to this #100dayprojectoftypefaceQ one more time. Since discovering & creating Q turns to a part of my life at the moment, naturally I was attracted with the hero Q immediately from a book called 'Quiet Power' standing on the shelf, (written by @miss_kms) One of the best seller across the bookstores in Sydney as far as I know.. For those introvert types include me, it's just a good guidebook to teach you how to shape and develop yourself by using your marvelous skills and qualities you already have.. And then.. Look out, the world!

The Q here is the logo for Quiet Revolution organization Honestly, I found it's a well designed and organized website with heaps of great info and articles to help you discovery yourself better! Just be who you are and bear in mind that, A Q-uiet temperament is a hidden superpower!

Good one to share with you guys here!

Enjoy reading,

Cherry Q.

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