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Hey Little Melbourne, I am here!

Greetings from little Melbourne guys! It's the third day I've been living in Melbourne city. That gonna be my home in the next two years or, more. Feels like it only took me a snap from Sydney to Melboure on the plane. The chilly welcome impressed me deeply the first second when I landed on this dreamed city. But that's alright I am fully prepared to experience 'four seasons in one day' lifestyle. It is the place which I am gonna struggling with. The strong sense of art and culture distinguishes itself from Sydney. Saying.. if Sydney is a middle aged business man then, I think Melboure is a cool hipster! hahah! Anyway...:) Take it or not, you will have your own definition!

As always, I don't mind if a city is big or small at all but the culture matters. Melboure is a typical sample of how a cultured city with small body but HUGE soul and mind. Because it's easily discovered here that every single cell in Melboure is unique and dedicated. Yeah you can never predict what's next and how much surprise the city could bring you. Spending a day just wandering in the city or cycling alone aside the Yarra River or any park is good enough to experience the local lifestyle of Melbourne. Well besides the good cafes and independent designy stores in the corner, there are many more little things out there for you to explore if you have an eyes on detail. Yes this city deserves your time to look for the subtle details and the stories behind.

As a creative, Melbourne design for me is a combo of old fashion, simplicity and fresh colors! Well then I guess you can't miss out good coffee, sunshine and bird poop.. that's Melbourne!

Can't wait to kick off the new life here!

Have a great week days,

Cherry Q.

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