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"Flora Food Art Phenomena"

It's not a food blog website guys! But excepted for today!

Yea I am gonna share a bit more today just for being so thankful to the greatest brunch ever in this lovely cafe called The Kettle Black. As a visual designer, naturally you just couldn't help yourself obsessing by the fantastic "artwork" in front of you.. Yeah edible artwork I shall say haha.. but meanwhile, I am also impressed by the fast growing "Flora Food Art Phenomena" happened around the world especially in Australia. To mention one more maybe, there's one called Koi Dessert Bar in Sydney which is serving selection of dedicate desserts, cakes and signature creations . Feel free to check it out if you love mousse by the way!

Well actually you could understand that somehow flora and greens represent Aussie culture, after all it's quite common to see all sorts of organic products here and there in Australia. Well to some degree, in terms of the practice of Design & Art Entrepreneurship, Australia does have a stronger sense of balance between lifestyle and business. After all, any kind of tries in a business mode should meet the needs of market but also contribute the common value to the whole society. Anyway interesting phenomena!

Yea it's lucky to be surrounded by those fresh ideas and dare to try attitude here in Australia. And again we should thanks to the high aesthetic level on average people as well cause it makes things happened.

Anyway, it is a good practice sample to share and good to notice!

Until next fun discovery,

Cherry Q.

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