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1QQ Quick Review

Mid-term break is coming! And yeah, it's time to pick up the blog thing again! Tons of thoughts to share with you guys in the following posts include Q&A in Wingnut & Co. — a ceramic studio based in Melbourne. So if you are interested in handcraft and running a start up business, keep an eye on my following blog!

What cheered me up last week is that I was invited to be interviewed in a documentary film and talk about the design journey on my #100dayprojectoftypefaceQ. Sound cool huh! Hahah well tho I assume that it will be only displayed to the students in the class at UTS cause I actually helped my friend out on her uni assignment. BUT, WHY NOT! And the thing is if you take it seriously and then you will find that actually you are doing something really cool.. And yea for me it's a kind of fun experience when you sit down and talk through your ideas behind a specific project in front of the camera.. When toads of memories coming to you but you are only allowed to talk within three minutes.. It totally mess me around during the recording.. but it's a great experience anyway!

During this holiday, I finally got some time to classify my projects.. And here is the quick review video that I made to showcase my 100 Q design. To be honest, it's interesting when you zoom out in stead of just sticking to the single post you spent your whole day planning and creating.. At this moment the details are not that important any more but the general feeling of what you did matters a lot. I guess that's the most interesting part from this project. Step away, appreciate the time and cheer what you have achieved.. More than enough!

SO, feel free to clip the photos to watch and visit the 100 Q design, or visit my project page on my website for more stories behind the project.

Enjoy watching!


Cherry Qi

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