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A lesson called How to Be Bored

After one month holiday ( God! Still have 2/3 to go), I am getting bored about the life of done nearly nothing but consistently hanging out with friends just to make life look more meaningful or interesting. Wrote down several pages of the 'To Do List' for the next 3 months and hunting for part-time during the break, I am trying to keep myself busy as usual ( I know it's stupid but it feels kinda of safe somehow). Not until this summer holiday, I strongly regret to be taught that 'Time is money' & 'Time is not always waiting' as the situation now turns out that I am the one to be controlled by time. How sucks! I feel I gradually loss the very basic instinct to live a normal happy life.

We are now always talking about the secret of 'work and life balance' or, maybe we should add 'health' in and replace 'work' with 'family'. Whatever. Those three elements 'work', 'family' and 'health' make up your whole life really, but how you scale them does reflect your quality of life and odds of happiness. The fact is that people start to put 'work' at the first place because we get used to sell our time and soul for money and freedom. True, but how come we now even don't have the ability to use our freedom, so why we aimlessly invest our precious time for the useless stuff — 'freedom'?

I love hanging out with friends, jumping into any fun events, visiting local markets at weekend, etc. However, I think it's time to say, 'I am sorry, I've got full day plan to stay home for a rest'. You should confidently feel that there's no guilty at all to miss out anything sounds interesting, and feel deeply relaxed to spend a whole day alone home or anywhere else you feel most comfortable with.

So here, a book called 'How to Be Bored' attracted me most recently as it's such a self-help book to guide you how to run away from stupid busy life and do something for nothing but please yourself. You may like the other 17 life of school books by those funny titles or lovely book covers, but the contents also well written. So it's not only good for reading and but also for collecting if you have a certain interest.

I assume that we all need to attend A SCHOOL OF LIFE, where you could be taught about all those tool kits and stuff on how to live a happy life rather than led by the shitty busy life.

Hope you enjoy reading the book and also, I wish you could get some tips from 'how to be bored philosophy'. If you are now located in Melbourne, it's a good idea to visit the cafe & bookstore at Bourke St. Heaps of good books stock in and same as good Melbourne local coffee.

Located at 669 Bourke St, in the heart of Melbourne.



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