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Those delicious Japanese 🍰!

Something different from minimal, GUESS WHAT! I've found a joyful Japanese design store in Melbourne! You shouldn't miss it out PEOPLE!

I am a big fan of Japanese design since I was in the second year of college 4 years ago. That was the time when MUJI opened the first store in Shanghai. The products in store are lightly seasoned with soft personality in each piece. They are just like new flavored 🍰 which I wanna have a huge bite! Minimal, durable and sustainable, how different! And yes, 'Japanese Design', I am obsessed with you! Shortly, when I moved over to Australia, no wonder, the similar taste towards design brings MUJI and local design market together. As a phenomenon, Minimalism grows widely and safely here in Australia.

Sweet! But, is that all? What else about Japanese Design?

In opposite, except for the minimal & basic standard, 'Joyful' is another personality in Japanese product design which I feel it's way more exciting if you are looking for a more pleasant user experience. No more so much calmness in the designy store, PEOPLE, you need big sm;)e! Lucky me, I've recently found such a cute store located in South Melbourne and in case you didn't hear about it, CONCENT Design Store is so far the best to feed those who are big fan of Japanese design but kinda of getting tired of 'Extremely Minimal' type. Such products like KUSA, Birdie Paper Knife, KAKI Flower Vase are super delicious to have a look and try!

Though I am still a big fan of minimalism and again I am deeply appreciate the details and simplicity as always. However, when such minimal style starts to take over the whole design market under the 'minimalism trend', I feel it's time to call for more and more creativity and 'play attitude' back in design industry.

WHY? Cause we are after all, still design kids right? All of us. So why serious?

Until next week,


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