A look at Chinese ceramics

The shelf full of ceramics! Wait, it's 'china' if you'd like to say correctly. Not until I was in the scene in a local ceramic studio in Ningbo China that I realized how amazing it is. Unlike the beauty of roughness and designy deco you probably could see heaps in Australian design market, there's a thing called 'china' which is presented in a way more emotional and lively. Influenced by both of the styles from my experience, it's quite fun to see how those two incredible ceramic creations being used in daily life across two countries.

Begin with Wingnut & Co, a Melbourne based ceramic studio inspired by Japanese ceramics and Wabi Sabi philosophy brought a fresh vision to me against the traditional ceramic art. Moreover, such products made by sowiesowies probably will make you go crazy for their creative mindset and humor on artistic sculpturing. Either way, Aussie ceramics basically is a mix of Wabi Sabi & creativity in my view. By contrast, 'china' seems more into his own world I would say. By using Chinese Ink Wash Painting, the lively little creations on the containers taking inspirations from nature such as fish, crane, lotus, bamboos, etc. attempting to make you feel like you are drinking tea or experiencing it over an eastern concrete poetry. The poetry without extremely calmness, quietness, simplicity and imperfection. You could say, well probably it's a bit less creative. True, but I guess those Chinese potters would never take it as a thing and say, Why am I following? Yeah?

Fair enough! Embracing the unique cultures and showing appreciation for the others, I am sure either ceramic products would be good for you to grab home.

Find the one!

Until next discovery!

Cherry Qi