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Am I 'visual healthy'?

I get confused by it, seriously.. Am I 'visual healthy' enough?

The concept of 'visual healthy' seems pretty new and you couldn't find a good definition online.

Put it straight, I am not brave enough to mess around with colors. Honestly, I feel that up to 2 or 3 colors are more than enough for me to take control of. In another word, maybe I am just too lazy to dig into something complicated. So initially, I’d say I am a monotone person.

Well I am sure that most of the designers will try to avoid creating something complicated as such ways of doing design are now not very much fitting into those ‘good design’ standards, unfortunately. However, B/W is the opposite world. Those who are stick to B/W are normally labeled as ‘cool’. As a fact, such way of using B/W is quite acceptable to some decent or premium brands. However, is it ‘visual healthy’ enough?

Here is an example I find quite interesting:

‘Hospital patients whose rooms look onto a garden or some trees recover faster than who have to stare all day at monotonous concrete.’ ( 'How to be Bored', p27)

So easily, when you reflect it back to design, for example, B/W is obviously strong, cool and bold. However, it could be regarded as only as a short-time stimulation to a specific scene. From a human psychology point of view, it could be a very painful color and won't be suggested to use for any specific occasions such as clinic or hospital. Probably it's too extreme for art or design. But the thing is, here such discussion about using B/W is just to call for attention to some of you who are afraid to get out of the comfort zone, take myself for instance: Do we need to make our inner softer by trying with more colors rather than stick to monotone only?

And yes, I do admire those creatives who can make the best use of colors both in its funky & functional ways. When I am talking about using good colors, Camille Walala, Kai Leishman, Gabby Lord, Cassie Byrnes, Jessica Walsh are a few of those best color masters I could imagine directly based in Australia. They make me WOW every single time when I see their works and stuff. For me personally, it’s just an area that I could hardly touch but yet, very much addict to.

Again, I should say there's nothing wrong with being a 'monotone' person and WE are still ‘visual healthy’ (woohoo!). For sure! But colors make you visual healthier emotionally I guess. Allow yourself to expose to more colors are easier to get inspired and hopefully happier. Well, being a ‘black cool bean’ is totally fine though, why not just off yourself a day to get massed around with those scary colors? For the sake of FUN, perhaps?

So seriously, why not give a go?

Until next topic,

Cherry Q.


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