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Good Name is Goodwill

A name made you smile is more than memorable, but with goodwill building in on both sides of company and audience.

We all know that giving a name to a company is a tricky one. It is as struggling as you are going to design a name card or create a new branding for yourself. Especially for those start-up companies, a memorable name is kinda important. Throwback to uni, some research had been done on design studios across Melbourne and Sydney as part of Portfolio assignment. The purpose is to find out top 10 ideal companies that you wanna work for and certain companies should also align with your own personality and goals. The process of the research was so much fun and the interesting finding was that those who have a witty and sweet name essentially came along with strong value and beautiful folios that I expected. I guess such link is the little trick that might be beneficial to your future company.

So, here are some names made me smile:

A Friend of Mine

A Friend of Mine is a holistic design practice based in Melbourne. They work across a mix of industry sectors and design disciplines, adapting creative thinking to varied budgets. From developing brand identities, signage, responsive websites and everything in between.

For The People

For The People is a Sydney based design studio, who shaking things up, disrupting industries, creating new markets and new companies.

Love + Money

Love & Money agency is a Melbourne based design studio, whose works across digital, branding & marketing plans.

Mildred & Duck

Mildred & Duck is a Melbourne-based graphic design and communication studio established by Sigiriya Brown and Daniel Smith. They design for print, digital and environmental media, creating solutions that communicate and connect with people.

Swear Words

Swear Words is a design company based in Melbourne. They create emotional connections through meaningful design solutions.

The Company You Keep

The Company You Keep is a design led creative practice based in Melbourne Australia. They work where brand strategy and design thinking meet to help businesses distill, define and articulate what they do and why they do it.

Truly Deeply

Truly Deeply is an agency with deep expertise in helping brands find their compelling point of difference. For more than 25 years they’ve paired strategic tools with beautiful design solutions to help business stand-out, transform and grow.

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