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A letter to Design: H6A

Dear D,

Here is a letter for you, my mate. Happy 6th Anniversary! Yes, it's almost 6 years since we knew each other when I was younger.

Now I am sitting with Mac and talking about us. I am sure you still remember the very first day as I did, I met you at Raffles Shanghai when I was around 18 years old as a fresh student attending the opening day on campus. I admit that I look quite shy and naive with straight long hair at the time. Aww, I missed it so bad! It was a beautiful autumn, you remember? Later on, we kinda sit and work together like nobody else. I think we are the closest friends ever no matter what, but you may not know a secret about you, Design. Let me tell you.

Actually, I mean seriously, I I thought you were nothing too much different from Art. Excuse my rude. You know I was a friend of Art since primary school. I learnt fundamental drawings with her for many years and I thought I might be with her in college alongside in the future. Well, amazingly, we found each other by the end. Therefore, the stories in the past 6 years are about us!

We both grow up together a little, I guess. Look, I've earned a little bit experience from studying, traveling, working all the way through the college and university. I don't mind you say I am a nut sometimes, cuz yes I am and thank you very much. Wandering in design markets, attending Creative Mornings and AGDA talks, starting my 100 Day Project in 2016, engaging my works through TDKs, applying internships, visiting design & ceramic studios, etc., all sort of things recalled how I become who I am. I just so passionate about it as any other design kids do, I guess. Oh yeah, I travelled overseas, kinda the farthest ever in my life. All the way from Shanghai to Sydney, and Sydney to Melbourne. Not with a bunch of people this time, but just me with my suitcase off to Sydney and Melbourne without fears and tears anymore. People there are very nice, and I am very happy to see that they talk about you very often and love you as much as I do. How popular you are mate, you are a star!

Thank you for your kindest generousness - Design, as what you left on me are so precious to be appreciated. The cool projects, the experience, the good people, the rewards, the confidence, the challenges and many many more in my memories that count so many to me. Thank you very much again, my dear friend!

You are my best friend, Design. you know it. I love you, it will always do.



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