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Big Day @ACMIX

A big thank you & big hug to all of those to come to the presentation yesterday evening at ACMIX and those who have helped me alongside the project this semester.

Yesterday was my turn to give a internal presentation on a data visualization project of ACMI screening collection from 2002 to 2016. It was not only a great event for ACMI to celebrate their 15 years screening history but also a special day for me as this is the last project to finalize my master design studio class at RMIT (crying..). More details of 'ACMI POETRY — A beautiful collection" are documented here if you are interested. But I guess more than all the 12 projects I've done in the studio class, it is the experience and people that left me with good memories, skills & industry connections. Many thanks indeed!

All in all, <3 RMIT MCommDes.Studio.

Image © Cherry Qi, photography by Juby Siyuan Lin

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