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Yas 'Me Time'!

What a relief! After one-month exhausting set up, preparation and stuff, this one bedroom apartment technically located one block away from my previous place is finally ready for us! (Don't ask me why, literally I just wanna live in a place where has big built in windows—oh yeah, there was no window in my previous place cause it's a dorm kinda single room.. is it even legal? whatever, it is sucks I know..) Well anyway, also forget about all these argument and 'fighting' behind me and my boyfriend over last month, we are both truly proud that FINALLY we've got a place called HOME!

I always love the idea of owning a specific spot at home where allows me to relax and recharge for a while. It should be a cosy, comfy, safe area where is good enough for me to enjoy my 'Me Time'. The term of 'Me Time' is introduced by a friend of mine who would rather spend time by herself at home than with her peers after school. She thought home is a special place to restore energy. Fair enough! I do believe that 'Me time' is quite necessary for people who want to shut out the chaos and loud of the world for a while and enjoy a purely individual time. Well such moment of rest requires a safe space like a bedroom or a chair near desk for instance, or anywhere you feel comfortable with. As for my new home, I chose to give a bookshelf a new look in order to create a sense of attachment to this space. Oh, I also set up a matt beside the bookshelf which allows me to read books or have a rest. Why not!

Remember guys, 'Me Time' is everyone's private time which is not sharable and pretty personal, so as your personal sweet spot— MAKE/FIND YOURS!

My tiny recharging area in the room

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