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A brand you may wanna read

Question! Are you a cycler🚵‍♀️? Yes? Check out Freitag! No? Whatever—CHECK OUT Freitag!

I assume those who would read my blog are at least like-minded fellows, so I share it here purely because I love it, and you may do as well! Oh BTW! It's 🙅🏻 an ads FYI:)) OK, put it this way, maybe I am the very few and odd consumers who would purchase a book in a bag store. Well it is an exception:) Started this brand since 1993 in Zurich Switzerland, Freitag spreads its seeds of recycling concept and truck tarp bags all over the world. Came across its bags and brand about 4 years ago, I am really sinked in its brand stories and nicely laid-out products. I love Feitag apart of its visual strategy and brand stories is because of its honesty. As she would never keep all the secrets of success with herself. In her book Feitag—Out of the bag, you will discover some unknown background stories and business strategies which may help you with understanding a brand thoroughly and internally. If you are a start-up owner, a designer or a F-follower who wants to know more about the behind the scene, don't missed it out!

Once again, it is a brand that you can appreciate, respect and share with friends—Here we go, enjoy!

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