Repetition as Meditation — Serious reflection through pom pom making

As a matter of fact, making pom pom turned out to be my recent interest and passion to fill up my spare time. It makes me feel weirdly fulfilled at some point because of its mediation-like creation process except for it's fluffy texture, colours warmth, etc. I have to admit that the whole experience of creation seems amazingly good for me!

Oh well, I definitely believe that not many people (including myself sometimes) enjoy repeating same type of works or so. I mean those kind of works which don't take up too much of your brain in specific and seems obviously manual labouring, time wasting, boring, and etc. (well, I believe that you can find a lot of nasty words to describe such I mentioned for sure). Fair enough!

However, on the other hand, it is the repeating time you choose to spend on makes a difference. Doing one thing nicely is a kind of achievement, isn't it? Or perhaps, the blank time while you repeat doing a job could make you some room to think something else broader, or deeper? You may more than free to act as a philosopher who is day-dreaming something far beyond reality which makes huge sense to yourself? There are a lot more you could do during the repetitional time gap, isn't it? If you think that way, 'repetition' in life is definitely a way of mediation or self-recovery. It works out for me, but not only limited to make a pom pom. It could happen during your day to day job which by chance you don't really enjoy doing so and etc.

Believe it or not, the fact is that not everything in the world makes you 100% enjoy or feel fulfilled, you'll then need to find a way to add additional values to it. Well to be honest, I didn't expect such deep reflection will come up to me through pom pom making, how amazing! So now, do you want to try to make yourself some pom pom for the sake of yourself?

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Until next time, — Cherry