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A worthy living life is...

What makes life worthy living is the very question people from all age constantly searching for throughout their life. Simple answer from me is that it could be the things as small as all around you which won't cost you a penny to achieve. It's the modest small pleasures in your day to day life. What's that then?

Throw back to the day me and two friends of mine decided to escape to the nature and spend a lovely half day just fully relaxing ourselves with some simple authentic food and nice little music. Things like beautiful sky, forest, the smell of freshly cut grass, uku music, fruit, homemade lemon tart, cherry jam, bread, rice balls and some sparkling water on the side lifted up our happiness to another level! I reckon this will be the day I remember for a quite long time in my life. After all, it is the good memories and interaction with people you love that will be left with us for a life long time isn't it?

Embrace the modest small pleasure in your life!

Photo credit by Paige Linden.

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