June 15, 2019

What makes life worthy living is the very question people from all age constantly searching for throughout their life. Simple answer from me is that it could be the things as small as all around you which won't cost you a penny to achieve. It's the modest small pleasures in your day to day life. What's that then?

Throw back to the day me and two friends of mine decided to escape to the nature and spend a lovely half day just fully relaxing ourselves with some simple authentic food and nice little music. Things like beautiful sky, forest, the smell of freshly cut grass, uku music, fruit, homemade lemon tart, cherry jam, bread...

October 3, 2018

As a matter of fact, making pom pom turned out to be my recent interest and passion to fill up my spare time. It makes me feel weirdly fulfilled at some point because of its mediation-like creation process except for it's fluffy texture, colours warmth, etc. I have to admit that the whole experience of creation seems amazingly good for me! 

Oh well, I definitely believe that not many people (including myself sometimes) enjoy repeating same type of works or so. I mean those kind of works which don't take up too much of your brain in specific and seems obviously manual labouring, time wasting, boring,...

February 24, 2018

Hey there, how are you?

Today's topic is a bit private, but I would still like to share it to you guys from a very personal perspective because I guess maybe you would feel less serious when you read about it. Well, panic attack is the keyword for today if you can't wait to know it. For those who are not familiar with it, panic attack is a sudden overwhelming feeling of disabling anxiety that coming along with palpitations, sweating, shaking, shortness of breath, numbness, or a feeling that something bad is going to happen. 

(What the heck is this!)

Oh well the reason why I wanted to raise it here for discussion is that few days ago I w...

February 9, 2018

Question! Are you a cycler🚵‍♀️? Yes? Check out Freitag! No? Whatever—CHECK OUT Freitag!

I assume those who would read my blog are at least like-minded fellows, so I share it here purely because I love it, and you may do as well! Oh BTW! It's 🙅🏻 an ads FYI:)) OK, put it this way, maybe I am the very few and odd consumers who would purchase a book in a bag store. Well it is an exception:) Started this brand since 1993 in Zurich Switzerland, Freitag spreads its seeds of recycling concept and truck tarp bags all over the world. Came across its bags and brand about 4 years ago, I am...

February 3, 2018

What a relief! After one-month exhausting set up, preparation and stuff, this one bedroom apartment technically located one block away from my previous place is finally ready for us! (Don't ask me why, literally I just wanna live in a place where has big built in windows—oh yeah, there was no window in my previous place cause it's a dorm kinda single room.. is it even legal? whatever, it is sucks I know..) Well anyway, also forget about all these argument and 'fighting' behind me and my boyfriend over last month, we are both truly proud that FINALLY we've got a place called HOME!...

October 19, 2017

Fresh stuff! —Recently, I was asked to put together a short Q&A for our RMIT Master CommDes blog to share a little bit insights into my experiences of the program and of studying in Melbourne. For those who doesn't know the blog yet, here is for your info. Basically, it is a blog about M.CommDes students and this small inclusive creative community. Growing with MCommDes studio in the past 1.5 year, too many little memories stop me thinking of leaving and graduating from here soon next year. But anyway, I hope my Q&A might inspire you here and there, or hopefully could get you a big picture of how Comm.Des is like @RMIT.

What did you s...

October 18, 2017

A big thank you & big hug to all of those to come to the presentation yesterday evening at ACMIX and those who have helped me alongside the project this semester. 

Yesterday was my turn to give a internal presentation on a data visualization project of ACMI screening collection from 2002 to 2016. It was not only a great event for ACMI to celebrate their 15 years screening history but also a special day for me as this is the last project to finalize my master design studio class at RMIT (crying..). More details of 'ACMI POETRY — A beautiful collection" are documented here if you are interested. But I guess more than all...

September 27, 2017

"Shared in confidence". Daniel Neville, my previous lecturer at RMIT University wrote down this inspiring sentence on the cover of his semi-recent case studies @nevolution and uploaded it up straightaway on his website for sharing.

As a fan of Daniel's attitude, I think it is always a good idea to share good insights that left with me at the end of my internship with the City of Melbourne. And also, as a learning experience for me and potentially for everyone who are interested in government working process of a 'design' project, I think a 'case study' sort of informal article would help to document and reflec...

August 27, 2017

Dear D,

Here is a letter for you, my mate. Happy 6th Anniversary! Yes, it's almost 6 years since we knew each other when I was younger. 

Now I am sitting with Mac and talking about us. I am sure you still remember the very first day as I did, I met you at Raffles Shanghai when I was around 18 years old as a fresh student attending the opening day on campus. I admit that I look quite shy and naive with straight long hair at the time. Aww, I missed it so bad! It was a beautiful autumn, you remember? Later on, we kinda sit and work together like nobody else. I think we are the closest friends ever no matter what, but you may not know a secret about you, Des...

June 2, 2017

A name made you smile is more than memorable, but with goodwill building in on both sides of company and audience. 

We all know that giving a name to a company is a tricky one. It is as struggling as you are going to design a name card or create a new branding for yourself. Especially for those start-up companies, a memorable name is kinda important. Throwback to uni, some research had been done on design studios across Melbourne and Sydney as part of Portfolio assignment. The purpose is to find out top 10 ideal companies that you wanna work for and certain companies should also align with your own personality and goals. The process of the rese...

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